Rep. Jim Moran Confidential

jim%20moran.gifFrom a concerned Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) watcher (read: stalker):

Yesterday, Monday, June 17, around 4:30pm, I saw Congressman Jim Moran at

the YMCA in Alexandria on the Elliptical Cross Trainer and later, on a few

of the cybex machines. I realized immediately it was he, and he gave me

that whole smile-nod-smile-wink thing that politicians do when they realize

they've been recognized. Only a politician would bother making nicey-nice

when they're sweatin' it out on a machine at the gym, but then again, he was

going pretty slow and reading the Washington Post editorials, so maybe he

just wasn't pushing himself very hard. That said, if his staffers read

this, they should get him a personal trainer. Not only is he approaching

Ted Kennedy-esque standards of shapeliness, but his form on the back

extension weight machine was really bad-- he was hyperextending. He's a

back injury waiting to happen. I hope for his sake that he gets back to his

"fistfightin' on the Congressional floor" weight-- and soon.

So do we all, each and everyone of us (especially the two native American bodyguards, who to be honest, should join the congressman on the elliptical trainer).

With WW3 upon us, the U.S. will likely be reduced to even accepted politicians--gay, straight, and neither--in the armed forces.--Nick Gillespie


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