Multi-Millionaire Rep. John Fleming Can't Afford Obama's Rich People Tax


House Republicans are flapping their jowls across the airwaves today complaining about Barack Obama's proposal to raise taxes on the super-rich, because it's a lot harder to survive on half a million dollars than your average middle-class hobo socialist who lives on a salary of $40,000 thinks it is. Louisiana Rep. John Fleming will make this point with math, by explaining that he grosses $6.3 million a year from his businesses, but he only takes home around $400,000 per year after expenses. And then he stares at anchor Chris Jansing blankly, because, uh, yeah, that was his point. What part of that wasn't clear? Only $400,000, that's what he wanted to say. Helloooo?

Might people not be entirely sympathetic to someone complaining about taxes being raised on his $400,000 a year income, Jansing asks? To which John Fleming replies that he should not be punished for having "virtue" in the form of millions of dollars, like Jesus. [ThinkProgress]


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