Rep. Louie Gohmert Is Just Asking If Obama’s Secret Obamacare Army Is Being Trained To Kill, That's All


At this point, it’s inexcusable that GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert’s name is not a widely used neologism meaning something like “a person or thing that makes everything worse by being a fucking asshole.” Notice we did not say “a stupid fucking asshole” because Louie Gohmert isn’t stupid -- he knows exactly how to formulate his paranoid bilge for maximum rube-rage-stoking effect and self-advancement.

Here's a recent example: Raw Story caught Gohmert on the Janet Mefferd Show (lucky them) breezily linking ammunition purchases by Homeland Security to “the provisions in [Obamacare] for the president’s own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps […] I want to know, are they using weapons to train, or are they being taught to use syringes and health care items?”

He just wants to know, y’all! Just like we want to know whether Louie Gohmert is actively engaged in fomenting a violent uprising against the legitimate government of the United States, or is he just playing to the cheap seats? Answer: Yes.

Oh gosh, what else?

“Some kind of secret security force is the kind of thing the United States is never supposed to have,” he later added. “We’re just not supposed to be doing that. But until we get enough members of Congress stirred up over the things that I’ve been preaching about then we’re not likely to get answers. And the way you get their attention is start cutting funding until you get answers.”

Louie Gohmert apparently just found out about all this “secret security force” stuff, of which Obamacare’s Ready Reserve Corps is not an example, even though he’s been in Congress since 2005. Good lookin’ out, Louie.

In case you weren’t sure whether Gohmert might actually be onto something with this “secret” cabal of “medical” stormtroopers that isn’t really a secret because it’s written into the text of a fucking law, Raw Story helpfully provides’s patient explanation that, no, Obamacare’s Ready Reserve Corps isn’t the Kenyan usurper’s personal Schutzstaffel; they’re doctors, nurses, and other healing types who can be called into service when God gets mad that taxes are too high and does a pestilence or whatever.

Again, Louie Gohmert is not dumb in the usual sense of the word. He was a lawyer, a captain in the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and a civilian judge. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Which, yes, makes it even worse. Ugh, such a Gohmert.



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