Rep. Paul Broun Urges Debt-Addicted America To 'Give Up Its Country Club Membership'


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It is more or less redundant for us to type about "debt ceiling negotiation updates," because in plain English this just means "members of the Tea Party continue to be intransigent dicks." But the news media is still bravely trying to figure out why national financial collapse is somebody's actual political platform, so here is Andrea Mitchell incredulously asking Tea Party member Rep. Paul Broun why he refuses to vote for any of the debt bills. "When someone is overextended and broke," Broun says, “they don’t continue paying for country club dues, they drop out of the country club.” THAT IS A TRAGIC STORY if you are an old rich white man. And so what about the hundreds of millions of Americans who've never even seen a country club from the outside? Can those people have their economy back? 

Sadly, that's not really even the most idiotic thing Broun says. In an extended cut of the interview that for some reason we cannot seem to embed, Mitchell also asks him whether any of the debt plans at all interest him, including perhaps Harry Reid's "empty scrotum strategy" to cut 2.2 trillion in spending without any tax increases whatsoever. BIG MEH, says Broun, but in case anyone is interested, he also proposed an appropriations bill that has 7 billion in cuts. We sent that one over to our Wonkette math department, and they report that Broun is an idiot. [RawReplay/ The Hill]


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