Because it has been at least 24 whole hours since some Republican doofus insisted that Republicans do NOT want to talk about impeaching the president, no seriously, they do NOT want to talk about it, sheesh, stop making them talk about it all the time, no one ever said the "I-word," and really, it is Obama who wants to talk about it all the time, like he wants to be impeached or something, here's our hero Ted Yoho, a large-animal veterinarian turned Florida congressman, to not talk about that some more:

The last thing is impeachment of a president. We, and myself, and the American people for the most part they don’t want to impeach the president. They don’t want to have to sue him and waste the time and effort. All we’re asking is faithfully execute the laws of this land that you are elected to do.

So if an impeachment comes up, it’s not because Congress wants to do that. It’s because the president has chosen to bring that upon himself by not enforcing the laws on the books. If he doesn’t like a law he needs to get that changed, not wave his pen and use his phone and he has arrogantly stated over and over again.

Okay, got it. Republicans do not want to impeach the president, even though they've been talking about impeaching him since, um, around November 2008. But if Obama doesn't stop being a very naughty boy with his pen and his phone and his being Obama, well, Republicans will have no choice but to let Obama go ahead and impeach himself, if that's what he really wants, as he obviously does, which is why he keeps making them talk about impeaching him.

Pity the House Republicans. If only Obama would leave them alone with all his silly "Impeach me!" talk and let them get back to doing the serious part-time work of suing the president for being president, just like the majority of Americans don't want them to do.



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