Reports: Congress Expected To Continue Acting Insane


Good morning! It seems appropriate to complement all of this "fiscal cliff averted!" news with a polite reminder that this deal in no way means Congress will stop acting like scotch-drunk shitbirds with a hostage and nothing to lose.

The cliff was a particularly artful act of congressional assholery, but let's review what happened: Last August, Congress had to raise the debt ceiling, as it had done dozens of times for every president ever. House Republicans saw this as an opportunity to say "How about we DON'T," in an attempt to force spending cuts.

The resulting deal — and the failure of the "supercommittee" to do anything worthwhile — is what set up the fiscal cliff in the first place. So everybody has been bouncing around telling each other to go fuck themselves trying to avert this terrible thing that they invented themselves.

OK, great, they did that. The debt ceiling got raised, and the fiscal cliff was invented, and then averted one day past the last second. Phew. What's next?

Oh, right. We have to raise the debt ceiling again.

Yes! Now that we have finally moved past the fiscal cliff, we can concentrate on the return of that thing that birthed the fiscal cliff. And the charming men of the House Republican Caucus have not only started scheming for this fight, but are actively using it to justify their votes on the fiscal cliff deal:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) tells National Review Online that he made the right vote on Tuesday, even though some conservatives are unhappy with parts of the fiscal-cliff deal. “This is the best that could be done,” he said. “It’s not all I would have liked, but it’s called American democracy, so onto the debt ceiling.”

The Post has some elaboration on Graham's approaching tomfoolery:

If the House fails to pass the deal, Graham told Fox News, “We’re going to get blamed and about two weeks into this, we’ll fold like a cheap suit.” Instead, he urged Republicans, “Work with me and others never to raise the debt ceiling again unless we address why we’re in so much debt.”

So yes, that seems to be the scene now. Congress can't simply address anything. One party has to take stuff hostage and yell about how we're going to address it, OR THE ECONOMY GETS IT.

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