Reps Surprisingly Thrifty in Personal Lives

Members of Congress are so busy running up America's debt, they've hardly got time to run up their own. The Hill's done the legwork, and shockingly, they've found that less than 45 (or as they sneakily put it, "more than 40") members of Congress have credit card debts totaling $10,000 or more. Gary Ackerman (NY - D) came in third on the list of highest Congressional debtors, with a total balance of $50,000 to $100,000, but I say put him in charge of Social Security, the federal budget, everything: "Ackerman, for example, said that he routinely transferred a high balance from one account to another...'If you do it carefully, you wind up paying nothing in interest...If someone is going to give you free money, I want to be in that line...If they keep offering zero percent interest for three months, I'll do it forever...Do you wanna loan me a couple of bucks at no interest?'"

A Hill of Credit Card Debt [The Hill]


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