Republican-Approved Bipartisan Financial Regulations Attacked By Republicans

Republican-Approved Bipartisan Financial Regulations Attacked By Republicans

  • New financial regulations seem likely to become law, are publicly welcomed by most Wall Street fat cats, and have been put together in about as bipartisan a manner as is humanly possible in 2010. As a result, Republican senators went on the teevee yesterday to puff up and lie about how there's no way in H-E-Double-L the dirty Soviet Democrats will ever pass this elitist legislation that would finally put an end to patriotic bad-mortgage derivatives used by major banks to bet against their own investors. [Washington Post/Wall Street Journal]
  • Police in North Carolina caught a 23-year-old Ohio armed weirdo parked at the end of the runway as Air Force One was departing Asheville Regional Airport. The guy was reportedly listening to police scanners in his car, had "rifle-scope formulas" written on Post-It notes, and told the cops he "heard the president was in town" and "wanted to see the president." [Asheville Citizen-Times]

  • The Hubble Telescope turned 20 years old on Saturday. If you're old enough to remember what pre-Hubble astronomical imagery was like, then you are maybe capable of still feeling awe & wonder, while looking at these fantastic pictures that also happened to change the science of studying space. [Ars Technica/National Geographic]

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