Republican Family Values: Fred Thompson's Trophy Wife

He waited 'til he was divorced! - WonketteDespite being the only party to repeatedly get actual Hollywood actors nominated and elected, Republicans like to whine about "Hollywood values."

Somehow, criticizing the idiocy, divorces, obesity, dumb religions and drug addictions of the famous makes regular Americans feel better about being dumb divorced obese Jesus-freak OxyContin addicts who are also poor and ugly, so every GOP candidate for every possible office has to dedicate at least one commercial or mailer to the pursuit of "traditional family values" as seen only on Little House on the Prairie reruns.

Anyway, draft Fred Thompson! Learn about how he's not a complete amoral scumbag like the declared Republican presidential candidates, after the jump.

The anti-Hollywood Values party is again pleading for a Hollywood actor to be president. And compared to the wanton degeneracy of the current GOP front-runners, actor and former Senator Fred Thompson is a regular Ned Flanders!

Here's what the celebrity-obsessed Republicans are saying about the Big Man:

Unlike Newt and Rudy, Thompson's second marriage did not overlap with his first wife. Thompson and Sara Lindsey divorced in 1985. He didn't meet Jeri Kehn until 1996 and they married in 2002.
And unlike WALNUTS! McCain's latest wife, Thompson's latest wife isn't known to be a crazy drug addict! Bring dignity back to the White House in 2008 -- elect the serious-looking actor guy!

For the Record: FDT's Wife [Draft Thompson]

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