Republican Lawyer Laughed Out of Court by Republican Judges

Who's laughing now, suckahJames Bopp was in court this morning trying to get the federal courts to overrule the Federal Election Commission and let the makers of Hillary The Movie advertise their hit-job of a movie. The FEC ruled that advertising the movie was political advertising and subject to FEC limits; Bopp and the makers argue that they're just selling a product. The court had its say today, though.

Mostly, its say was drowned out by the judge laughing. Bush appointee Judge Royce C. Lamberth busted out laughing when Bopp tried to compare the movie to 60 Minutes and Frontline. Bopp also tried to argue that calling Hillary a "European Socialist" isn't issue-oriented speech over which the FEC has oversight because, apparently, that's more like a "fact" and it isn't telling people how to vote, which Lamberth called "redic."

So, while Hillary The Movie may or may not be coming to theatres near you, advertising for it probably definitely isn't, but probably only by virtue of the fact that the movie's lawyer is a graceless, partisan hack of a lawyer. Um, yay?

Anti-Clinton film panned as advertising [Yahoo News]


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