Republican Plan To Prove Abortion Is Dangerous And Bad Proves Exact Opposite, Oops!


Aw, shucks, looks like we havesome bad news for Republicans with an all-kinds-of-twisted fetish for trying to ban abortion.

In May, Republican members of two congressional committees—the House Judiciary Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee—wrote letters to the departments of health and attorneys general in all 50 states, asking for thousands of pages of information about how each state monitors and regulates abortion. [...]

An analysis of these documents shows that congressional Republicans will find no support for their arguments in favor of new restrictions on abortion care in the evidence presented by the states. [...] They show that abortion in the United States is highly regulated and overwhelmingly safe.

Huh. Well, isn't that interesting? Despite the mission, led by Republican Reps. Bob Goodlatte and Trent Franks, to prove just how dangerous abortion is for women -- because you know how they care oh so much about the women, of course, which is why they oppose protections for domestic violence victims and equal pay and women making up their own damn minds about whether and when to become mothers -- the evidence (ugh, you know how Republicans hate evidence because it has a liberal bias) shows the exact opposite. Go figure.

This is hardly the first time congressional Republicans have latched on to -- oh, what's the technical term? Oh, right, BULLSHIT -- to try to justify legislative restrictions on abortion. Earlier this year, Rep. Franks himself spouted some Nazi-inspired nonsense about how rape is basically like birth control because "the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low." Therefore, IMPEACH! Er, we mean BAN!

Before that, there was Florida jackhole Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns, who launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood's finances to try to prove something something blah blah blah because shutting down women's health care "should be a fiscal and moral priority for Congress." Stearns of course lost his seat to large animal vet and sort-of birther Ted Yoho, who is now working hard on the taxpayers' dime to stand up for the civil rights of untanned white people.

Of course, you always have the debunked claims that abortion is bad for women because it makes them depressed (unlike motherhood) or it gives them cancer (no, actually, it does not) or it hurts the little fetus (even though the fetus can't feel pain) or the procedure itself just sounds plain icky (unlike all other medical procedures). But Franks and Goodlatte were really hoping their inquiry would prove definitively that abortion is so dangerous for women that of COURSE Congress must act to force all women to seek their abortions from sketchy doctors like Kermit Gosnell in sketchy clinics and back alleys, or hey, at home with a wire hanger -- because that will be MUCH BETTER for the women. Which, as we all know, is what they really care about, wink wink, cough cough, no they don't.

[RH Reality Check / Image credit: Freaking News]


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