Republican Politician In Louisiana Will Obviously Not Resign For *His* Underwear Picture Sext


Anthony Weiner was a prominent weiner who was always on cable teevee with the Democratic Talking Points, so when he repeatedly sexted his boner to every gal on Twitter, he had to resign. But Republicans never resign for this kind of thing, which is why some Republican jerkwad city councilman in Louisiana who cheats on his wife by banging some city employee lady will never resign for sending pictures of his fatness draped in a wifebeater t-shirt to his lady sext pal. reports:

When news broke that Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni sent a picture of himself in his underwear to a city employee and had an "inappropriate" relationship with her, the reaction was muted. The council's two at-large members said Tuesday they are not taking a stand on their colleague's future ....

Stagni, 47, released a prepared statement after city officials retrieved the underwear image from a government computer and gave it to the news media Monday, in response to public records requests.

"I had an inappropriate but consensual relation with an adult female and we exchanged improper electronic communications which ended (in) 2009," Stagni said.

Stagni is fat and gross and nobody should ever have to look at a picture of him coyly threatening to lift his t-shirt, not even the city employee gal he is banging. [, with thanks to Wonkette operative "Matt N."]


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