For many months after he won the Republican nomination, nobody wanted to see nasty grumpus John McCain mumbling onstage about how he puts country first every time he bangs a lobbyist. Not even the promise of honey and Saltines at the back of the Straight Talk Express was enough to lure likely Republican voters to a McCain "Rally." Well, that's all changed, now that he has a running mate who "excites the base," wokka wokka.

Thanks to Alaskan pop phenom Sarah Palin, the Republicans are finally drawing a not-embarrasing number of people to their public events. Palin and McCain recently spoke before a crowd of about 10,000 -- roughly what Barack Obama and Joe Biden tend to get.

Before he picked a running mate McCain used to speak exclusively in underground bunkers for the aged and infirm, delighting groups of up to 1,000 people with his card tricks and naughty jokes. How long before he explodes in a jealous rage at Sarah Palin and releases an ad mocking her for being a celebrity?

McCain Campaign Crowds Grow Exponentially [ABC News]


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