Republicans Now Furious About Dept. of Agriculture Buying Some Food For Starving Americans


You know who sucks? Poor jobless hungry people in America, that's who! The famous wingnut blog "The Drudge Report" got some GOP people very, very excited because Drudge posted something suggesting the government spent $1.2 million to purchase "two pounds of ham." TALK ABOUT PORK SPENDING, HEY-O! But, according to sad pooh-bear agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, "the contract in question purchased 760,000 pounds of ham for $1.19 million, at a cost of approximately $1.50 per pound."

This food was purchased to feed people, while also "stimulating" the food industry by putting $1.19 million into this industry, in money. The Agriculture Department also bought 878,000 pounds of cheese, a form of dairy protein often distributed to the hungry people in America, as the Reagan Administration famously did throughout the awful endless recession and collapse of the working class during the 1980s.

Vilsack said the food was purchased for distribution to local groups, including food banks and soup kitchens, that support the needy. He said the purchases would help reduce hunger among those hardest hit by the recession.

Vilsack also said the purchases could provide “a modest economic benefit” for Americans working for food retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies, as well as ranchers and farmers.

That sounds awfully close to "Economic Stimulus," Tom -- in other words, MORE BUSH-REAGAN NWO COMMUNISM.

USDA: 760,000 pounds of ham for $1.2M


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