Republicans Packing Meat

New York has changed so much with the arrival of the protesters. It has, in fact, turned into San Francisco. Artfully unkept, earnest young people who genuinely feel they know what's best for you, personally. (Case in point: An ad in the subway for a women's razor defaced with the angry retort: "Mammals have hair, deal with it!!") Of course, it's San Francisco overrun by Republicans and police, which some would argue is an improvement. Speaking of improvements, a reader writes to correct my anachronistic suggestion that those in search of closeted Republicans head to the Meatpacking District:

You're dating yourself (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's the vice of the self-employed). But fashionable MePa is no longer a hive of the leather-masked. It's a hive of overfed, overpaid 20-somethings flush with cash and imitation urbanity, crowded into movie-set versions of New York restaurants that all opened 16 minutes ago.
So it's not just protesters who are ruining things.

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