Republicans Sick of Rudy, Walnuts, Fred, Newt, Mitt and Whoever Else Is Or Isn't Running

Whole lotta losers - WonketteIt's the saddest GOP primary season ever, because nobody likes any of the candidates. Former Republican congressman and NewsMax columnist John LeBoutillier isn't too impressed by the roster and doesn't even bother to mention the guys we've already forgotten about -- Huckleberry Brokeback or something? Anyway, let's review the candidates' strengths:

* Rudy Giuliani: "Rudy is strange . . . he has some strengths, but is fraught with trouble, too. He doesn't fit the GOP at all, but there is such a vacuum on the right that anything can happen."

* Fred Thompson: "Many already speculate that Thompson will announce in September and drop out of the race by November. He may already have peaked this summer and already be on the decline. Plus, the more voters see him, the less impressed they will be."

* John McCain: "McCain is a goner. Period. Gone. Finished. Kaput."

* Mitt Romney: "Romney's second quarter fundraising was way, way down, a worrisome indicator that people are cooling on him. The Mormon question and the flip-flopping are hurting him .... there is not much enthusiasm for him, either."

* Ron Paul: "No doubt Ron Paul excites libertarians and will surprise at the Iowa Straw Ballot. But he isn't The One. He is a good guy, a bit old, no TV pizzazz, which is a must these days, and isn't going to win the GOP nomination."

* Newt Gingrich: "Newt, undisciplined and unelectable, keeps trolling to see if there is interest in him yet. He is provocative and entertaining and makes news. But he isn't the answer either."

Jesus Christ, what a bunch of losers. Dennis Kucinich could probably lick 'em all.

The tragic thing is the only guy anybody likes and has any respect for is the kindly family doctor who seems to have this "patriotism" thing and is always going on about the Constitution, but he could never get the Republican nomination because he's conservative.

Fred Thompson Will Drop Out [NewsMax]


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