Republicans Take The Senate, Which You'd Know But You're Already Drunk

It has not been the best of nights for the Blue Team. It's basically a Fox News dream come true: Republicans have won just about all the things (except New Hampshire Senate -- SUCK IT, Scott Brown).

So the bad news is that Republicans now have control of the House and the Senate. The good news is ... hold on ... there's got to be some kind of good news ... we're thinking ... we're thinking ...

Oh. Right. Now that the GOP has all that delicious legislative power, we can count on them to a) totally overplay their hand and piss off the whole country just in time for the next election, and 2) go into full-blown civil war with each other, with the far rightwing wing of the party trying to defend itself from the extremist bugcrap crazy far far SO FAR rightwing wing of the party. Mitch McConnell might have plans to be Senate Majority Leader, but certain other Republicans with certain presidential aspirations (cough Ted Cruz cough cough) might want someone a tad more to the right leading the party off the cliff.

So, yeah. We can expect some more investigations, some more furious fists of fury, maybe some of those House Republicans who've been calling for the impeachment of President Obama to start calling for it a little bit louder. After all, that darned obstructionist Democratic Party won't be in control of the Senate anymore, so what's to stop them from going all in and all out on the Usurper-in-Chief?

At least we can look forward to watching the Republican Party eat itself alive. And don't forget, the GOP Presidential Primary Clown Show Extraordinaire starts, that's right, tomorrow. Gulp. And get your popcorn ready.


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