Republicans Wait Patiently For That Special Someone

  • Their fingers are bedecked in all kinds of purity jewelry, for they have taken an oath of abstinence, a solemn promise to wait until Rush Limbaugh tells them it's okay to say "yes" to something other than anal. But until then, the Republicans must fight the lustful Yes Demons in their heads. [Think Progress]

  • There is a malicious rumor that Big Government will get between seniors and their Medicare, like an enormous slimy corn intervening between their toes. A terrible lie, debunked by Michael Steele. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Did you know that a squadron of power drill-wielding CIA agents found a stack of graphic torture anime, in Al-Qaeda's Torture House (not to be confused with Al-Qaeda's famous Waffle House)? Well now you know. [Gateway Pundit]

  • From the Merriam-RedState Dictionary: hy·poc·ri·sy (n) - "Hypocrisy is a willful professing of a belief, that one that does not truly believe. An outspoken Christian who commits adultery is not a hypocrite." The End. [RedState]

  • Barack Obama had a sexy "golf foursome" on Martha's Vineyard. [The Caucus]


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