Resembling Rick Perry Could Make You Famous


Has anyone ever told you that you look like professional secessionist Rick Perry, leader of the Most Glorious on High Kingdom de Tejas y Rattlesnakes? Well, today might be your lucky day, because there is a job in Austin waiting for you! It involves acting and could make you famous among said rattlesnakes, and also predator drones.

The Dallas Morning-News’ Trail Blazers political science blog reports that the campaign operations of Perry’s gubernatorial Democratic challenger, Bill White, is looking for Rick Perry look-alikes to act in “short, two-minute films” about having relations with fellow closeted Republicans politics and change. According to the actual "help wanted" ad, however, you gotta play down the Perry macho sexiness stuff:

Looking for someone who looks like Perry and can combine that with a Steve Carrell like cluelessness. This is a low budget political ad series for Bill White. The gig will be paid, rate TBD. Although they are ads, they will feel like little two minute sitcom episodes.

Meals and beverages provided! But it’s in Austin, so it probably involves some macrobiotic tempeh bullshit prepared by a homo hippie who smells like expired yogurt. Still, it’s a job! Go git it, go-getters who sort of look like Rick Perry. [Dallas Morning News Trail Blazers blog]


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