i iz n ur home campbell brownThe New York Observer's Steve Kornacki wrote maybe the best op-ed evarr yesterday slamming CNN's entire promotion, pre-show, post-show and coverage of the last week's Democratic debate. Wonkette liveblogged this debate and agrees wholeheartedly with Kornacki's sentiment: "Once the gold standard for all-news television, the Cable News Network used the night to make a convincing argument that it should never again be entrusted with a presidential debate."

Kornacki describes the network's eff-ups as "legion," and hot damn is this guy riled up! Among CNN's sins:

* CNN promoted the event annoyingly as a "prize fight," with "Wolf Blitzer playing the Michael Buffer role and calling the candidates to the stage individually, like boxers entering the ring."

* "There was also the warm-up act, a full-hour of Lou Dobbs fulminating against illegal immigrants and reading letters from adoring and sycophantic viewers, all presented by CNN as some sort of debate preview."

* "So pro-Clinton was the crowd that Mrs. Clinton needed only to pause for a beat during an answer and the audience would fill the vacuum with raucous cheers."

* David Gergen and James Carville, both longtime Clinton buddies, were quick to announce Hillary as the winner of the debate. Why does this matter? Because they were CNN's post-game analysis.

* "And nothing but incompetence can explain why CNN decided to end on a "cute" question."

We'd also like to add the way Wolf broke everything down into binary "yes" or "no" answers. Everything. Thankfully we have such brilliant replacements on other networks, like Chris Matthews.

CNN Debate Team Comes Up Lame [NYO]


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