Responsible Open-Carry Advocate Shot Up Her Family. We Guess They Must Have Been Bad


Hey there, Open Carry Tarrant County! How is your campaign to convince everyone that you are all responsible gun owners who can be trusted to tote around lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of firearms without popping off and shooting people going?

A member of Open Carry Tarrant County and Open Carry Texas, is facing capital murder charges after two people were discovered shot dead in her home. Veronica Dunnachie, 35, was arrested by police as she drove herself to a nearby mental hospital following the shooting.

So, not so well then?

Everyone meet Open Carry Tarrant County member and future ward of the Texas Bureau of Prisons Veronica Dunnachie. She is accused of shooting dead with a gun her husband and adult stepdaughter on Wednesday inside their home. Dunnachie had reportedly been in the process of divorcing husband Russell but apparently decided a criminal defense attorney somewhere could use the fees more than a divorce lawyer.

Yep, gun owners are good guys with guns. Until they turn into bad guys with guns. In which case you have to hope another good guy with a gun is nearby to shoot them. Or something.

People will accuse yr Wonkette of being insensitive to this poor family – Dunnachie reportedly had a teenage son from a previous relationship and three young daughters with her now-deceased husband. But Jesus H. Christ sighting in his autoloading Model R-15, what if the fight that precipitated the shooting had started in one of those Targets or Krogers where Dunnachie was apparently proud to carry around her gun to show off how responsible she was, and her bullets had hit innocent bystanders?

On Facebook, Dunnachie’s friends and colleagues in the Open Carry movement have been expressing their grief and sharing photos of Dunnachie. Weirdly, they are not showing this one that someone at Alan Colmes's site found.

Mama didn’t raise no victims. At least her mama didn’t. What a relief to the mamas of her husband and stepdaughter.



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