Restaurant Week At Wonkette: Sully Gets Surly


I said home fries, bitch!!

So we asked for stories about celebrities' bad behavior in DC-area restaurants. We got a lot of tips about unmannerly bloggers. Please, people: bloggers being awkward and misanthropic in public is not news. It's practically a job requirement. Still, God knows we don't want to have to research and write up any more items ourselves today, so:

Restaurant Week at Wonkette?! Finally a place where i can expose Andrew Sullivan! [Yes, but where can we find Andrew Sullivan exposing himself? Readers?] I go to the Diner in Adams Morgan a lot and he's always there. He orders a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of fruit every time he comes in [I guess that's his "Daily Dish"]. One time he screamed at a waitress after she brought him his apple pie a la mode with the ice cream in the same dish as the apple pie. He said something along the lines of her job being "not that difficult."

Yup, count on a blogger to know all about jobs that aren't difficult! Keep tipping us to stories, blogger-related or otherwise.

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