Restoring America With Monosyllabic Restaurants

Friday, November 5: By December, hopefully, the country will have healed and Emo Obama will be willing to get up off the White House couch and go eat hamburgers somewhere so Washingtonians can gawk at him. Who knows. Either way, he and his family should be at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on December 9, and the lottery for tickets opens this Friday. Good news: you do not need to have a small child to quality for tickets. [The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony]

  • Friday, November 5: It's FotoWeek DC, which we guess is exciting, because photos that don't make a mockery out of politics should be worth looking at, too. FotoWeek DC and the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design are hosting a launch party, which includes music, food, cocktails, and, of course, photos, on Friday night. Tickets are $45. [FotoWeek DC Launch Party]
  • Masa 14: Of the many restaurants on 14th Street, Masa 14 is doing a lot right, including introducing an all you can-eat-and-drink brunch for $35; they also are featuring a new winter menu that includes various delicious combinations of coconut milk, fresh seafood, and bacon. In other words, yes: you should have both dinner and brunch at Masa 14 in the near future. [Masa 14]
  • Food Trucks: We have another new food truck, D.C.  This one serves Ethiopian food and it's opened to lots of press and excitement, perhaps more than all the other D.C. Ethiopian restaurants -- the ones that have actual roofs and multiple servers of Ethiopian descent -- have ever received. [WP]
  • Food to look forward to: A new "urban" bakeshop/cafe, complete with a monosyllabic name, "Ryse" (maybe "Rise" was already taken?), will be opening in the City Vista development; Roti, an authentic Mediterranean food restaurant, will be opening a new location in Northern Virginia; 9,000 more do it yourself frozen-yogurt shops are coming to the city as well. [Ryse via Washingtonian, Prince of Petworth/Fro-Zen Yo]

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