Reuters Party Drink List: Mocked By Wonkette Before Wonkette Got a Chance To

reuters.gifThe Reuters drink list -- courtesy, natch, of a hard-working publicist on the front lines of the Afterparty War -- reminded us of something we'd seen before. We couldn't quite remember at first, but whilst thumbing through our dog-eared copy of Dog Days, debut novel by Wonkette Emerita Ana Marie Cox, there was a sudden flash of recognition. Looks like we've got a preemptive parody on our hands:

Melanie looked at Julie: "Assistants, associates, deputies, and bloggers. Oh, my."

"It's a veritable Who's Not list." Julie shook her head sadly. "I did warn you."

"And the drinks? So are they not fun?"

"They're so not fun they ought to come with a tax bill. Come on." Julie led the way to the bar.

In front of it, a sign announced drink specials.

The Pina-COLA-raise: A dash of rum, a dash of pineapple, and a helping of economic justice!
The Single Payer Scotch: This Scotch and soda makes for preventative care!
The Filibustermaker: No pro-life Supreme Court nominees can get past a beer and a shot of minority party legislative rights.
The Blue State: A martini, but blue.
The Rainforest Crunch: Midori and wheat grass, on the rocks!

"Those are the drinks you have to pay to drink?" asked Melanie. "Shouldn't they be giving them away? Preferably to those who need them the most?"

Oh, Washington. You're cute when you try to be clever. But leave it to the professionals.

Dog Days [Amazon]

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