Reuters vs. Bloomberg: Did You Hear That There's Some Sort of Party Going On Tomorrow?

bberginvite.JPGSaturday -- tomorrow -- the single most important night of the year. A chance to see, in the flesh, all your social betters gathered together in one convenient place for you to try to give them your business cards. Hobnob with the rich and famous (-for-DC). Meet washed-up has-beens invited to add an air of glamor to a room full of journalists and politicos.

Yes, but which party? You have two choice this year (assuming you were invited to either) for the Correspondents Dinner Afterparty. Good ol' Bloomberg, still the champion and top name in afterparties, and upstart Reuters, who are taking their ball and going to a club down the street. Which one will you be attending?

At Bloomberg, you'll find Kelly Clarkson. At Reuters, Condoleezza Rice (or so they claim). We did hear, by the way, that a certain Mr. Henry "Hank" Hager is on the confirmed list for the Reuters party -- which means, we assume, that Jenna can't be far behind. So there's your chance to see a real-life Bush twin! Drinking! Or, you know, you could just go to Georgetown and see the same damn thing without the hassle.

What it comes down to is hype. And lucite. And Bloomberg's got 'em both. Because while Reuters released a pun-laden drink list, Bloomberg released a name-laden guest list.


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