Revealed: Wonkette's Plan To Make You All Scientologists

First they shake hands with you, he thought, and then they murder you. - WonketteWe just received this e-mail and boy are we embarrassed (about getting caught):

I love Wonkette. Truly love it. But I just wanted to let you know I just got a visit from one of the head Scientologists because of one of your listings. Here's how it all went down: Last week you had an author event at 1812 19th St. for the book "Babylon's Ark" about the zoo in Baghdad. We love little furry animals and wanted to hear about most of them dying but a few being heroically saved. Little did we know going into it that it was at L. Ron Hubbard's house and sponsored by the Scientologists. Maybe this was our fault (I went with a co-worker), but we told the 10 smiling people greeting us that we worked down the street and now the head guy is showing up at my place of business. Seriously, folks. Not your fault, but thought I'd share.
So, uhm, we googled "1812 19th St., Washington DC" and ... whoops. Sorry. What else around here is actually a Scientology Headquarters? Based on our usual To Do lists, we suspect Politics & Prose, Kennedy Center, the Hirshhorn and, obviously, the Black Cat.

L. Ron Hubbard's Original Founding Church of Scientology Washington DC


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