Reverse Racism! Young White Person Unjustly Profiled For Wearing Hoodie


How many times will this tragedy repeat itself? A young person with great potential and maybe a few minor misdeeds in his past tries to go somewhere that he as an American has every right to go. But immediately the small-time powers in that land view him with mistrust, all because he chooses to wear a simple, functional sweatshirt with a hood that some people have wrongly associated with criminality, and maybe now he won't be able to achieve his lofty goals. Oh, did we mention that this young man is white? Did we just blow your mind, race-pimps?

Here, check out Michael Pachter, a stock analyst (the "neighborhood watch" of the financial world) letting loose with all kinds of bigoted talk about how Mark Zuckerberg wears a hoodie and that proves that he's just a thug who stone cold doesn't give a shit about the opinions law-abiding Americans:


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