Richard Clarke Tells All

he totally doesn't mean itEveryone seems very excited by Richard Clarke's "revelation" that Donald Rumsfeld wanted to bomb Iraq prior to, you know, the actual invasion of the country. Our question: Who's really surprised by this? Not only did we get a similar "scoop" from Paul O'Neill's book, but it's Saddam Hussein. He's been our No. 1 enemy for, what, at least a couple of years now. Doesn't everyone remember September 10, 2001, when Bush claimed Saddam Hussein was responsible for the poor economy, rising fuel prices, and producing Tim Burton's disappointing remake of Planet of the Apes?

Really, probably the only person shocked by this news is Saddam himself, who's right now sitting in his prison cell staring at a framed video still from that time when things were different, sobbing softly and listening to the Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin" over and over. . .

Rumsfeld wanted to bomb Iraq the day after 9/11 - terrorism advisor [AFP/Yahoo]

Regime change: From building ties to Saddam to removing him from power [CNN]


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