Richard Cohen Is All For Torture, As Long As Insane Mobs Wanted It, Back Then


Richard Cohen hearkens back to the old days, before the despicableBlackened Berries and loathsome Amazonian Kindle Stick ruined America, back when that woman (wife? who can remember!) silently delivered the victuals of his Daily Break Fast, a duty for which he oft rewarded her with the "women's page" of the Morning Herald-Federalist. But there's one modern moment he loves, and that is the Wicked Day the Black-Haired Jackals did Massacre many Innocents in the Towers of Newe Amsterdam, because it gave the Bush Administration all the cover it needed to be 100% Evil.

Because everybody in America (and the world!) sort of went crazy for a few weeks, and a terrified nation acquiesced to this dumb clown child, George W. Bush Junior, who squeaked into the White House eight months earlier to the general disgust of the planet, and all the president's men saw this as a wonderful opportunity to indiscriminately torture and defile anybody they wanted and bomb the shit out of any sand trap on the globe, Richard Cohen figures we should just let these American monsters go about their lives and corporate board retreats and $50,000-per-appearance speaking tours.

After all, it's your fault for being scared dumb, America. You gave these motherfuckers the opening, with your horrified support for whomever claimed to be in charge, of anything:

Back then, a Post poll gave George W. Bush an approval rating of 92 percent, which meant that almost no one thought he was on the wrong course. At the same time, questions about the viability of torture were very much in the air.

Well goodness, Richard, there's certainly no reason for a nation's leaders to act responsibly in a time of crisis, right? The mob was fine with whatever, after all. If there's anything we've learned from History, it's that an angry throng of idiots always shows excellent judgment. Why, a leader can't go wrong when he takes his counsel from the frightened, excited populace -- and all the better if he exploits it.

Who needs Kristol at the Post when we've got this nasty little fool Richard Cohen to kick around?

Moving Past Torture [Washington Post]


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