Richard Cohen Simply Does Not Care For This Obama... Pelosi... Whatever


Spastic curmudgeonly warmongerRichard Cohen, political columnist for the Washington Post, has noticed a number of things in the news over the course of the last week, and he simply does not care for many of these things. He lists these things, one after another, just like that. You young journalists... you go on and get excited now. Here is the master of writing. Richard Cohen. So let's read a number of things that Richard Cohen wrote today for the local newspaper.

Richard Cohen's column today compares and contrasts the traits of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Oh boy. If only it had been accompanied by a Venn diagram. That would have been swell. Oh boy.

As for Obama, around the time this extremely ill-considered piece of legislation was flying through Congress and Pelosi was waxing very hot indeed on television, the cool president went on the Jay Leno show. His appearance was historic, we were solemnly told, but it also turned out to be useful for him to get out of town. The most toxic asset in Washington was fast becoming Congress, where the Democratic leadership was threatening to send him an awful bill that could be very hard to veto. With friends like these...

Notice how Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are contrasted with the imagery of "cool" and "hot." How neat is that. And Jay Leno is also in the paragraph. Richard Cohen refers to Congress as a "toxic asset" which is pertinent and clever. Toxic assets are a major problem facing banks today and Richard Cohen uses it in the context of Congressional legislation. Oh boy.

In foreign policy, where a president is monarch, Obama has been a change agent. But in domestic matters, Obama's image has become muddled. He remains more popular than credible. Where does he draw the line? Not at tax delinquency, clearly, and not at earmarks, clearly, and not at real school reform, which he advocates but has done little to implement. He sometimes says he's angry, as with the AIG bonuses, but it's a parental pose designed to fool children and is not a genuine emotion. Obama eschews symbolic politics.


With Friends Like Pelosi... [WP]


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