Richard Cohen Simply Does Not Know What To Think About Elizabeth Edwards


The worst writer in the world,Washington Post landed gentry spokeswoman Richard Cohen, has met Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards too! "I know John and Elizabeth Edwards -- not well, just a bit. I've been to their house -- the old house, the one in Washington. I had breakfast with them. I found her smart, likable. I never knew what to make of him. A three-dollar bill, I always suspected." He knew about this all along, basically. "She drove me to where I could get a cab. We talked. What about? Can't remember. Now this. What to think?" Who fucking knows GAHH!


It is the same with Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies and already had other babies and now has, for all I know, 23 children and no way of supporting them. I ran from that story, from the first moment when her doctors all posed for pictures, too naive not to know they had participated in a calamity -- a one-woman Hurricane Katrina. But I could not get away from her. Once again, every newspaper, every television set, every blog, and everything I saw or heard was about her and her babies.


Somehow, over time, I came to think of the babies as my responsibility. I felt I had to do something. Nadya and her brood broke the barrier, the membrane between a news story -- something happening in Wolf Blitzer Land -- and something else, a part of my life, something real. The babies! The babies! Should I send a check? What would she do with the money? Maybe a tuck under the eyes? Would she have more babies? Then what? What would I do with the additional babies? I'd envision the house at night, the wailing, the crying -- the industrial diapering.

Hooray! It's social/media commentary, from Clownfarts. He is just the common man, with common problems, about commons things he sees on the CNN channel. Media saturation; he is saturated. And yet! It is still possible to not care about the lady with all the babies.

Besides, there are more important things to worry about. For example: What if Dick Cheney is right?

Wordsworth in Blitzer Land [Washington Post]


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