Richard Curtis: "He would drop me like a hot potato"

pretending to be straight was much better than thisAmerica's news MVP of the week, Washington state's The Columbian, spoke to gayish ex-state Rep. Richard Curtis this morning in his first interview in two days. They only chatted briefly on the phone -- so briefly that the Columbian only quoted him twice. Fortunately, both quotes are kinda funny.

Although Curtis' attorney advised him to remain silent until cleared by the solicitation investigators, he apparently couldn't contain himself. It will be a tough climb, however, toward winning back the public's admiration. I mean, just look at this fantastic, Pulitzer-worthy contextualizing sentence the Columbian offers:

Curtis, 48, resigned his state representative position Wednesday afternoon, only slightly more than 48 hours after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal that includes allegations that he wore women's lingerie and offered to pay a 26-year-old male gay porn model $1,000 for unprotected sex. (emphasis ours)

Yikes! I forgot how bad it was, just for a second. In his interview, however, Curtis confidentally dismisses this hullabaloo by noting that, "I've done a lot of -- damn good for this community." Thankfully for Curtis, that's pretty non-controversial, since his lawyer had warned him that if he "spoke publicly, he would drop me like a hot potato."

You mean, like a super tuber? Larry Craig is suddenly paying attention.

Curtis breaks public silence [The Columbian]


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