Richard Leiby: The Most Boringest Online Chat in All The World

We take it all back, Rich. Every bit of it. You have the world's hardest job: To make Washington seem exciting. With questions like these kicking off your first online chat, the enormity of your task is only now becoming apparent to us.

· Are you the same Richard Leiby who wanted to be a dentist who attended summer session at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974?

· Is it LEEbee or LIEbee? the FNC guy said LIEbee, but that just sounded wrong.

· What does Leiby mean in German, anyway?

· Will Wednesday be your regular chat day? I'd prefer Friday.

· Your predecessor had a problem with his pants often being too short and I was told to never trust someone whose pants are too short. Please tell me that you don't have this problem.

· We want to know what Richard is wearing!

We like to think we know the answer to that last one. Who hasn't seen Rich at the Bethesda Safeway, waltzing up the aisles in his favorite Bob Mackie gown and a tiara? Lookin' good, Rich, lookin' good.


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