Richard Leiby Watch: Who Are We to Judge?

Let's pool our money together and buy recently installed Reliable Source impresario Richard Leiby a new fedora. He's finally found the key to writing a good column. . . Quote Jon Stewart a lot. It works for us, too! Watch:

· Says Stewart of his popularity with pols: "Everyone knows the road to the White House leads through Comedy Central. No, wait. The road to 'Mannequin III' leads through Comedy Central."

· On John Edwards: "His integrity and down-to-earth common sense will only get him crushed by the democratic process."

· On the outcome of the election: "It ends with Howard Dean in a white Bronco being chased down the Santa Monica Freeway."

So easy -- and fun, too. Also good: Quoting other gossip columns! We like the Washingtonian's scoop best; Trent Lott calling Hillary Clinton "butt ugly." (Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, pot.)

Jon Stewart, the Immoderator [Wash Post]


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