Richardson Enviously Congratulates Gore

So every goddamn Democrat (and the horse molester) is issuing a statement congratulating Al Gore on his Nobel Peace Prize. Big whoop, perfunctory back-slapping etc etc. Of some hilarious significance, however, is the Bill Richardson campaign's official response. The New Mexico governor's people call the response "well-deserved" and note how "For over twenty years, [Gore] has been dedicated to fighting global warming for our nation and the world." Word, Bill people. On the other hand, the release doesn't mention that Gov. Richardson has been nominated four times for the same award, and each time he has very characteristically lost. Check out one of Richardson's ads in the above video for further proof of presumed bitterness.

Don't get too jealous, Bill! Al Gore lost the presidency once, and you're still, you know... involved with that.


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