Richest 1% Should Prepare For U.S. Revolution, Says ... Vanity Fair

Richest 1% Should Prepare For U.S. Revolution, Says ... Vanity Fair

Warnings of impending class revolt in America are showing up in the weirdest places these days -- likeVanity Fair magazine, which just published this terse summary of the situation by Joseph E. Stiglitz. And Stiglitz isn't talking about, say, the "Ron Paul Revolution," where some deluded people send money to a wealthy libertarian congressman in Texas. Although that was lots of fun, what with the blimp and the hobbit videos and the web-children in some of the nation's lesser known publicly funded universities making YouTube videos while wearing tricorns.

Whatever happens, it would be a lot more morally useful if some repugnant vulgarity like Donald Trump was chased into the Atlantic Ocean by an angry mob (or heavily armed architecture critics) rather than be put on teevee to sputter his mushmouthed racist bullshit just because he managed to cling to millions of dollars despite his multiple, massive bankruptcies.

Vanity Fair:

In recent weeks we have watched people taking to the streets by the millions to protest political, economic, and social conditions in the oppressive societies they inhabit. Governments have been toppled in Egypt and Tunisia. Protests have erupted in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain. The ruling families elsewhere in the region look on nervously from their air-conditioned penthouses—will they be next? They are right to worry. These are societies where a minuscule fraction of the population—less than 1 percent—controls the lion’s share of the wealth; where wealth is a main determinant of power; where entrenched corruption of one sort or another is a way of life; and where the wealthiest often stand actively in the way of policies that would improve life for people in general.

As we gaze out at the popular fervor in the streets, one question to ask ourselves is this: When will it come to America? In important ways, our own country has become like one of these distant, troubled places.

Is this fancy New York magazine writer claiming America is all filled up with Muslims?! [VF]


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