Richie Rich Won't Help Democrats!

George W. Bush's fellow Bonesman and professional fall guy John Kerry has enraged the Democrats by contributing a paltry $15,000 -- or, .001% of his $14 million campaign chest -- to Dems in tight races.

Kerry henchman David Wade says Old Longface actually "contributed $2.8 million to campaign committees, state parties and individual candidates in this election cycle," according to the New York Times. That sounds like overly qualified bullshit.

Find out who Wade calls "cowards," after the cowardly jump.

Even better, Wade told the NYT that the liberal bloggers demanding Kerry cough up some real cash are "cowards" who "hide behind anonymous websites." Way to work the base, asshole!

(There is an actual anonymous website involved, ... but as of this afternoon, it appears Skull & Bones operatives have shut it down.)

Because so many previously safe Republican seats have become competitive, the "netroots" people started this campaign to get Dems in totally safe districts to donate 30% of their campaign stash to needy candidates across the country. Kerry's not the only cheapskate.It is members of the House, though, who were drawing the most ire from the party faithful on Monday.

At least 70 Democratic members of Congress face either no opponent or a nominal Republican challenger, and that was enough to earn them a position on a list of candidates that organizers say will reach 100,000 people by week's end.'s goal is to get each member of Congress who has at least $200,000 in the campaign account and who does not face a competitive challenge to give 30 percent to other races.

Only one safe incumbent has ponied up the 30% so far: good old Barney Frank.

Kerry wants to play-act like he's running for president again in '08 and have Bruce Springsteen sing at campaign rallies and all that, so that's why he needs to keep his $14 million.

Democrats Urge Their Flush Candidates to Share the Wealth [NYT]

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