The treasurer of Stephen Colbert's Super PAC "Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow"quit that job to go become treasurer of Rick Perry's campaign, sort of an "interesting" job switch you might say, as it is maybe somewhat analogous to leaving a job sleeping with Angelina Jolie for a job popping pimples on Satan's ass. Oh well, some people swing that way? What else do we know about this unholy eskimo brother tale from opposite side of the comedy aisle? MORE GORY DETAILS, PLZ.

SQUEEEE from Politico:

No joke: Presidential candidate Rick Perry and comedian Stephen Colbert, who last week barraged Iowa voters with advertisements urging voters to support “Rick Parry,” shared the same political committee treasurer – until they didn’t.

Salvatore Purpura, who has represented numerous political committees as treasurer over the years, told POLITICO that he resigned on Thursday as treasurer of Colbert’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

Then, on Monday, Perry - not Parry - formally filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission listing Purpura has his campaign treasurer.

“Obviously, there was a potential conflict of interest,” Purpura said. “I told [Colbert lawyer] Trevor [Potter] on Thursday I would not be able to be treasurer anymore.”

HI-LARIOUS! Politics, entertainment, teevee people, people on teevee, they are all banging about the same twenty people or so, and that is "news" today. [Politico]


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