Rick Perry Decries New Social Security 'Tax' That Has Always Existed


We missed the exact point in time when a millionaire Jesus freak presidential candidate could march in front of a crowd of ordinary Iowans andinform them their Social Security checks are slowly murdering everybody in their sleep to a round of applause, but somehow here is Rick Perry telling everyone Social Security is a "monstrous lie" ordained by Satan to keep millions of elderly people from slipping into poverty. Well, hey, that whole "God wants you all to be poor while I get rich" line has been working on millions of devout Christians ever since there was a Pope, so why not for Rick Perry?

Some weird woman who has been asleep for the last seven decades asks Perry why "this administration" is promoting Social Security as an entitlement on the teevee lately, to which Perry responds, "it's turned into a tax now." Social Security funds have always been collected in the form of a payroll tax, so uh, HORROR.

Whatever, everyone just forward your Social Security money to the Pope or Rick Perry, who will send your requests to God, who will incinerate them in a Texas drought. [ThinkProgress]


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