Rick Perry Looks A Little Too Thrilled In Latest Campaign Ad (VIDEO)


Here is comical sleazeball Rick Perry's latest Iowa campaign ad, in which Rick Perry takes up thirty seconds of your life to talk into the camera and explain without any hint of irony that he is "not a talker" as some happy frolicking elf music plays in the background. Will America finally fall in love with Rick Perry the Elf Queen?

Say goodbye to the horrifying darkness of those apocalyptic zombie movie trailer ads Rick Perry was running just last month. He is all smiles now (even though he is still empty inside)! This is his "grand plan," just doing the exact opposite of whatever he was doing before, to try to win back voters who have come to hate him so much that he is losing to Herman Cain even in his own state.

From the Texas Tribune:

Gov. Rick Perry is statistically tied with businessman Herman Cain among Republican presidential primary voters in his home state of Texas, with the rest of the GOP candidates well behind the leaders, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

Cain got 27 percent to Perry's 26 percent among Texas registered voters who identify themselves as Republicans.

And now a Wonkette poll: does Rick Perry look "more" or "a lot more" hopped up on some delightful Bud Light-amphetamine cocktail in this campaign ad than in this drunk New Hampshire speech? [YouTube/Texas Tribune]


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