'Rick Perry Presidential Push Quietly Gains Steam'; Haha, What?

  • According to Real Clear Politics, which we were certain was just a dumping ground for releases by right-wing pollsters, but apparently has HUMAN or HUMAN-LIKE writers, Rick Perry is being considered for the Republican presidential nomination. "RCP has learned that political associates have begun to nose around quietly on Perry's behalf." Ooh! "Political associates!" (This was definitely written by a machine.) "The Perry chatter has been so discreet that nearly a dozen early-state GOP operatives and consultants contacted by RCP hadn't heard a word about it." That's funny. Chatter that Rick Perry invented the bagel had been so discreet that all the GOP operatives we consulted said the same thing about that. [Real Clear Politics]

  • Hillary Clinton said President Obama told her 8 years in office is "enough," so he won't try to take the path of his friend Hosni. Obama is young, though. Can he really afford to retire early? We don't want to see Barry co-hosting embarrassing late-night "Big City Sliders" infomercials in a few years. [AP]
  • A Catholic lady in West Palm Beach put a prayer request for Osama bin Laden in her church's bulletin as a joke. "Four other people will be named at Mass, along with the former leader of al Qaeda." This has made people Upset, but doesn't having that guy in there with your sick relatives just make them look really good to God in comparison? [WPTV]

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