Rick Perry Pretty Much Compares Himself To Jesus On Teevee


Here is Sean Hannity interviewing Rick Perry in a moodily lit room full of farming implements, and boy is there ever a lot of sexual tension. Just make out already, you two! But okay okay, if we had to choose our favorite Rick Perry pick-up line from this "gay hillbilly courtship rituals" documentary short, it's this one (starting at 3:38) where he says, "The corporate tax lawyers in Washington D.C., they hate me the way, you know, the devil hates holy water," only because it is a little bit unusual even for one of the egomaniacal brand of human who runs for U.S. President to basically equate himself to the evil-repelling tears of Jesus.

But that's Rick Perry for you! And in the next breath he promises to be Shiva the Destroyer and "take a wrecking ball to Washington when it comes to those tax issues, when it comes to those regulations." He is a warrior! And also holy. He is a holy warrior, or ...a jihadist, you might say.

Rick Perry is going to do wrecking ball jihad on everything in America. Here he is in another interview published today with more of this balls business, in the San Francisco Chronicle:

In a wide-ranging interview with The Chronicle, the governor defined his embattled presidential campaign as one that offers voters a leader with "the courage to walk into Washington, D.C.," and "take a wrecking ball, a sledgehammer - whatever it takes to break up the good-old-boy corporate lobbyist mentality that is putting this country's future in jeopardy."

Is Rick Perry aware of anything he says at all? Because according to that last sentence, he would also smash his own head in if elected President. [News Hounds/ SFGate]


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