Rick Perry is a devious teabagger barbie doll who would kidnap Jesus and sell him as a sex slave to the zombie corpse of Stalin if it would win him the White House, which is the only possible conclusion from watching this video of Rick Perry visiting South Carolina and tossing off a bitterly cynical analogy comparing one of the great progressive achievements in American social justice history, the civil rights movement, to the struggle for lower corporate taxes and regulations. We on the other hand wish that Stalin's corpse would kidnap Rick Perry and sell him back to the parallel sixth dimension where repeat idiot Texas governor presidential candidacies come from. What else has Rick Perry told us lately about Biblical corporate fetishism?

RightWingWatch points out has some context:

When told that he was visiting a town where civil rights advocates held a sit-in fifty years ago, Perry mused that the corporate fight against taxes and regulation is an extension of the civil rights movement: “I mean we’ve gone from a country that made great strides in issues of civil rights,” Perry said, “And as we go forward, America needs to be about freedom. It needs to be about freedom from over-taxation, freedom from over-litigation, freedom from over-regulation.”

Immediately, critics rightfully questioned how the fight against “over-taxation” and “over-regulation” could be seen as an outgrowth of a movement that fought for social and economic justice.

But it is important to remember that Perry’s fight for lower taxes and regulations for corporations (on the backs of low-income families) is not just an economic position but also a spiritual issue. Before hisResponse prayer rally earlier this month, Perry told The 700 Club that he would be praying to end “government’s over-taxed, over-regulated, over-litigated” policies that have “caused roadblocks to economic prosperity.”

Fortunately so far God usually clicks "delete" when He gets Rick Perry's daily prayer spam. [YouTube/ RightWingWatch]


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