Rick Perry's States' Rights Obsession As Liberal As Rest of Rick Perry

Reports about Rick Perry's secret libtard leanings are swirling in over the flood walls these days, almost as fast as those "Rick Perry is gay" rumors used to knock down our doors before "everyone" was apparently required to stop calling him a closeted homosexual and seriously discuss his asinine policy positions super seriously in case he gets elected, so that we may "know the enemy" and such. We miss those older days! Whatever, here we are today, and former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich has probably the most salient point we've seen so far about Rick Perry's tired fixation with states' rights: the freedom from federal government institutions like the IRS and Federal Reserve that Perry is in favor of would likely help to further impoverish many of the annoying Teatards always complaining about the federal government since most of them live in red states that receive more federal assistance than they contribute in taxes. We were just going to say, "build a wall around them and let them eat each other," but sure, an "economic" argument sounds so civilized!

The whole "red states are welfare queens" point gets brought up again every so often, but it's worth a revisit in Rick Perry's case, to prove that he is secretly living a slew of Marxist fantasies in the Stalinist sex torture gulag in his brain. From Robert Reich's blog:

Perry doesn’t like the Federal Reserve Board. He hates the Internal Revenue Service even more. Presumably if he had his way taxpayers would pay states rather than the federal government for all the services and transfer payments they get.

This might be a good deal for Texas. According to the most recent data from the Tax Foundation, the citizens of Texas receive only 94 cents from the federal government for every tax dollar they send to Washington.

But it would be a bad deal for most other red states. On average, citizens of states with strong Republican majorities get back more from the federal government than they pay in. Kentucky receives $1.51 from Washington for every dollar its citizens pay in federal taxes. Alabama gets back $1.66. Louisiana receives $1.78. Alaska, $1.84. Mississippi, $2.02. Arizona, $1.19. Idaho, $1.21. South Carolina, $1.35. Oklahoma, $1.36. Arkansas, $1.41. Montana, $1.47, Nebraska, $1.10. Wyoming, $1.11. Kansas, $1.12.

On the other hand, fiscal secession would be a boon to most blue states. The citizens of California – harder hit by the recession than most – receive from Washington only 78 cents for every tax dollar they send to Washington. New Yorkers get back only 79 cents on every tax dollar they send in. Massachusetts, 82 cents. Michigan, 92 cents. Oregon, 98 cents.

[Robert Reich via Salon]


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