Rick Santorum's Secret Service Code Name in No Way Shows Messianic Self-Regard


Thought we were done with Rick Santorum, did you? Well SO DID WE! ThenGQ had to go discover his Secret Service code name, which is Petrus, as in Rock, as in Peter, as in "And on this rock I shall build my Church," which in no way, shape or form could be construed as JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THE MESSIANIC BALLS ON THAT GUY! We are talking Gingrichian levels of self-regard with this sucker, but with that special American Jeebus twist. (If Gingrich pretends to be holy or religious, he ain't pretendin' too terribly hard.) Just ... just ... gah. Mitt Romney chose "Javelin," a muscle car, and for once in his sad, benighted, monocled-toff life looked like just a guy, and beer, and et cetera. [GQ]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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