Rick Scott Bravely Purges 91-Year-Old War Hero Criminal From Voting Rolls

Rick Scott Bravely Purges 91-Year-Old War Hero Criminal From Voting Rolls

Oh look, there they go again! By "they" we mean the Democrats, always crying about voter suppression. Look, is it our fault that their supporters are all vicious thugs, pot smokers, illegal immigrants, white slavers, people whose names end in vowels or "z," vicious illegal immigrant thugs, and liberals? Only Rick Scott is man enough to delegate to various bureaucratic state agencies the important task of removing these scumbags from the voter registration database, leaving Democracy in the hands of the people who invented it (white people, for the most part). And now the liberal media in liberal Miami are pouncing on one of the purge's greatest successes -- the removal of an admitted criminal from the voting rolls -- like it's a bad thing!

Bill Internicola is one of many lucky Floridians who got a polite letter from the state, telling him that, unless he filled out a form to request an administrative hearing to prove that he was eligible to vote within the next 30 days, he'd be removed from the voter rolls. Internicola is Brooklyn-born. World War II vet. Awarded a Bronze Star. Name ending in a vowel. Registered to vote in Florida since 1991. Registered to vote ... illegally? You bet!

Internicola admitted to one discrepancy in records. He says he was born in 1921, though he said his drivers' license indicates 1919. The reason: in his youth he wanted to start driving early so "I bent the truth a little bit."

Well! So Internicola thinks he can get away with lying about his age to ... whoever was in charge of New York State back then (John Jay? Theodore Roosevelt? Al Smith? Let's say Al Smith) so he could drive about the streets of Brueklyn-Towne at age 14, and then vote? Not only should this person be prevented from voting in future elections, but all elections that he might have voted in over the decades need to be re-called in favor of the Republican, just to be sure. Hope you enjoyed 12 glorious years of President Dewey, everybody!

The purge also snagged this lady, probably because she has a weird little dog. Rick Scott is America's greatest hero, is what we're saying. [Miami Herald/Think Progress]


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