Rick Wilson Articulates a Platform

We like the way Rick "Max Cleland is a terrorist" Wilson thinks:

"Look at the Democrats in 1996. Bill Clinton fucked Bob Dole harder up the ass than anyone. They said that [Mr. Dole] was going to kill granny and throw the baby into the snow."
Ballsy, as it were! And while we get the fucking up the ass metaphor (if it is a metaphor, only Bill and Bob know for sure. . . ), the grandma and baby in the snow is totally new. And we like it! What a way with words:
"That Annenberg Thing [otherwise known as the Annenberg Public Policy Center] puts out a study every couple of years" deploring the rise of negative campaigning," he said. "Blah blah blah blah blah."
Yeah, whatever!

A Tale of Two Tricksters [NYO]


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