Right Fights for Right to Party

A Wonkette operative alerted us to an item in Sunday's Reliable Source about the effectiveness of Kerry's official surrogates, rock-n-roll division. A Republican functionary in the Maryland government, Rob Carter, has used his own hard earned money (perhaps the part that would have gone to taxes?) to print up t-shirts for the "2004 Irrelevance Tour," listing the artists who toured in support of the erstwhile Democratic ticket: Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, John Fogerty, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and John Prine. Our hearts go out to the tireless Jon Bon Jovi, who didn't even make the "irrelevant" line-up. Clearly, Carter did not grow up in the '80s.

But what we really love is the jocular aper├žu Carter's come up with: "You lost. Now shut up and entertain me!" Guess "Suck on it, assholes," was too subtle. But it would have gone better with his "Mustache Rides 50 Cents" foam hat.

Republican Fan to Rockers: Just Keep the Change (Second item) [WP]


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