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Arizona GOP State Senator Idiot Gonna LOCK HER UP Merrick Garland For ... Some Reason!

Sure, buddy.

One of the side effects of the clownass, democracy-destroying fraudit in Arizona, which is now spreading across the country, is that we're getting to know state and local GOP officials in ways we never would have, were they not literally trying to destroy American democracy and replace it with an authoritarian white supremacist state. For example, there was Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann. We got to watch that moron on CNN as she huffed at a reporter for suggesting that One America News Network was (oh my stars!) not a real news network. (OAN "reporter" Christina Bobb, the only "journalist" currently allowed inside the Arizona fraudit, is also fundraising on a national scale for the fraudit. Because that's what "reporters" and "journalists" do.)

Let's meet another one. It is Wendy Rogers, and she is a GOP state senator, and she'd like US American Attorney General Merrick Garland to know that she is going to LOCK HIM UP in an Arizona jail if he tries to thwart their plans to make democracy a whites only lunch counter type thing.

Look at this fuckin' idiot:

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foreign policy

Mike Pompeo Brings Super A-Hole Stepdad Energy To 'Fox News Sunday'

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, was on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend.

Surprise, he was an asshole!

Chris Wallace had just interviewed current, competent Secretary of State Antony Blinken. We guess Pompeo thought it was his job to "rebut" whatever Blinken had just said. (It's Fox News, after all.)

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Chicago Cop Latest Alleged Criminal Caught Bragging About Storming Capitol

So much protecting and serving!

Chicago Police Officer Karol J. Chwiesiuk was arrested Friday for his alleged role in storming the US Capitol on January 6. He's charged with five misdemeanor counts, including "violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building without lawful authority."

The FBI reportedly obtained text messages Chwiesiuk sent to an acquaintance detailing his coup-related activities. On January 3, he texted, “Going to DC." The acquaintance responded, “When and for what?" and you can almost hear the weariness in those words.

"To save the nation. Leaving tomorrow or the fifth," Chwiseiuk wrote.

The acquaintance urged Chwiseiuk not to go, writing, "Fat man lost. Give it up," referring to [Donald] Trump's electoral defeat.
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Right Wing Extremism

Oregon House Expels Rep. Mike Nearman For Invalid 'Hall Pass'

Hope he gets 'detention,' too.

The Oregon House of Representatives voted almost unanimously yesterday to expel state Rep. Mike Nearman, the Republican lawmaker who allowed violent "protesters" into the state Capitol building last December while the building was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was the first time any member of the state Lege has been expelled.

The expulsion came less than a week after Oregon Public Broadcasting posted video showing Nearman telling an audience in December that if demonstrators called his cell phone number, maybe a door might be opened for them, somehow. Nearman called the plan "Operation Hall Pass," because if there's one thing these dipshits love more than ignoring laws they don't like, it's making cute jokes about how clever they are.

Nearman was tossed out of the legislature on a 59-1 vote, and yes, dear readers, he did indeed vote to keep him in his seat, not because he wanted to remain in the state House, but as a matter of principle. The principle that he should remain in the House, in particular.

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