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Nikki Haley Pledges Allegiance To MAGA And The Desperation For Which She Stands


Nikki Haley's running for president, we swear! This noble endeavor demands that she tell Republican primary voters precisely what they want to hear. For instance, there's no such thing as a "glass ceiling" that limits advancement for women. Sure, there's all sorts of peer-reviewed data confirming the existence of said "glass ceiling," but if Haley wants to become the first woman president, she needs to proudly declare that women don't know nothing. That's the preferred Republican explanation for the obvious workplace gender gap.

This country functions as intended and is awesome! Republican voters don't want to hear otherwise. It's so divisive and distracting from the party's unifying drag queen bans.

“I think a lot of times for the past few years, we’ve been told how bad we are,” said Erick Myles, a retiree from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who is white and was attending Haley’s town hall in nearby Marion. “That just isn’t the way to build a country.”

Donald Trump ran and won in 20216 on an "America sucks now" platform, and his 2024 campaign is even more nihilistic. But we all know why that was different.

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Noted Bible Explainer Alan Dershowitz Says Prosecuting Trump VERY VERY Un-Bible!

Alan Dershowitz's Bible theories ain't got no panties on.

The hits keep coming as all these white conservatives try to explain why their god king perhaps being held accountable for some of his many crimes is the worst injustice ever. As expected, they are starting to speak of Donald Trump as an actual suffering messiah or savior, and you just know they're writing fapping fan fiction about him rising again on the third day. You know they are.

Alan Dershowitz, the greatest lawyer in the world, who was supposed to be speaking at the library in Martha's Vineyard until fascism happened, spoke with Charlie Kirk yesterday about the tribulations their Lord is experiencing, and it was there that they concluded that prosecuting Trump is verily and forsooth against the Bible itself.

It was a very intellectual conversation they were having, and Dershowitz was explaining how Donald Trump has never committed any crimes ever. It's not fair to prosecute Trump for his perfect calls in Georgia, you can't prosecute him for telling his followers to overthrow the government PEACEFULLY, and you can't prosecute him just for stealing and willfully concealing classified documents because WHATABOUTBIDEN and WHATABOUTPENCE. Alan Dershowitz is a very fine lawyer, according to Alan Dershowitz.

Then the conversation got Bible-y.

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Who Is Posie Parker And Why Is She The Worst?

Please do not confuse her with Parker Posey, who is the best.

This weekend, there was a whole bunch of drama in the land down under when a whole bunch of Nazis showed up to an anti-transgender "Let Women Speak" rally in Victoria, Australia, did a whole bunch of Nazi salutes all over the place, and carried a giant banner reading “Destroy Paedo Freaks.”

They were eagerly welcomed by participants, some of whom even took cutesy pictures with them. The Nazis were at no point told to go home or to stop Heil-ing Hitler.

On the bright side, they were all outnumbered about two to one by counter-protesters.

Pic one: Lady with pink hair and unicorn horn getting ready to speak. Pic 2 same lady standing in front of neo-nazis giving metal horns.Lady who spoke at Posie Parker's event taking a smiling selfie in front of neo-Nazis.

The event itself was organized by a woman named Kellie-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker — not to be confused with the beautiful and talented Parker Posey, who is a national treasure and very much not a professional hatemonger — who you may have seen trending on social media.

GIF by Alex BedderGiphy

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Let's All Smile And Nod At MAGA Threats That Prosecuting Trump Will Make Him Boss Of Us Forever

It's their delusional fantasy. They're the ones who have to work through it.

There are several genres of right-wing reactions developing to Donald Trump's impending first arrest and indictment. One we heard this weekend, notably from Mike Pence, was that it's appalling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is doing this right now, what with the CRIME WAVE. As if that's not code for "how can you possibly arrest Donald Trump as long as Black people still exist?"

In this post let's talk about a threat and a fantasy we're starting to see a lot of from these MAGA morons. This tweet and Twitter poll encapsulates it nicely:

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