Rightwing Radio Host Has Giant Sad That It Got Better For Hillary Clinton


Sandy Rios, last seen in these pageswondering why our Supreme Court’s female justices cannot just shut up and respect their male betters, returns to remind us once again that all you need to score your own radio show is an ability to open your screech hole and let fly:

Hillary Clinton, there have long been rumors about her sexual persuasion; if you don’t know that you need to know that. I can’t confirm or deny anything.

No? Color us shocked that you have no idea. We were sure you and Hillary had at some point consummated your forbidden Sapphic love on the Isle of Lesbos.

In case you missed it, since we did not actually cover it at all because seriously she is a Democrat and it is the year 2013, Hillary Clinton recently endorsed gay marriage and the world responded with a collective shrug. Frank Rich said it was "most notable as an early checkpoint in the to-do list for a 2016 presidential campaign.” Honestly, it did not seem like big news to us that Hillary is okay with the gay folk getting their state-sanctioned matrimony on. Oh sure, there was the usual whinging from conservatives because the liberals were not jumping all over Clinton the way those bullies jumped all over the heroic Rob Portman, but then Hillary is not a religious conservative with an apparent empathy deficit for everyone outside her immediate family.

Sandy Rios is also not surprised, but not for the same reasons, obviously:

I just remember that Dick Morris was the first one to raise this publicly…he basically said, I believe it was on Fox many years ago when that broke, basically hinted that Hillary was a lesbian.

Oh well if Dick Morris said it then it must be true. That dude is right about everything and it is not as if he had an ax to grind with the Clintons or anything, or has been slagging on Hillary for anything that crosses his febrile little mind for better than 15 years now.

All I can tell you there are rumors abound and I guess since it doesn’t matter anymore then it doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

No, Americans do seem to be inching their way into the twenty-first century on the gay marriage issue, Sandy. Just lay back and try to enjoy it.

We are being caught in this vortex of homosexual advocacy, it’s just amazing.

It is! We never thought we would see the day. Though you probably mean amazing in a different way than we mean amazing. Remember to wave to the modern world as it passes you by, or rolls over you like a bulldozer.

[Right Wing Watch]


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